Jockey Person to Person | Jockey P2P

It's so rewarding! Host a Style Show with friends and enjoy a fun, relaxed shopping experience, great clothes and personal attention. Plus, receive 15%30% of your total Style Show sales in hostess credit and more!



Why host a Style Show? The reasons are simple and have multiplied:
Go Shopping
Give your friends and family a first-class shopping experience customized to their needs. They will receive tips on stylish dressing, accessorizing with ease and making the most of their wardrobe, all in the comfort of your home.
Earn Even More Hostess Credits
Receive 30% of your Style Show sales in hostess credits. Plus, get two items at an additional 50% off for every $200 in sales, and two items at an additional 70% off for every future Show booking.** Learn more on the Hostess Rewards page.
Meet Friends
Get to know your neighbors better, or reconnect with old friends. Invite them to your Jockey Person to Person® Style Show! It’s always fun to share ideas and fashion with the women you admire most.
*Style Show minimum of $400 + 2 ordering guests and hostess order to qualify for hostess credits. Hostess credits and discounted merchandise are based on the regular retail price, and are subject to tax as applicable. Hostess credits may be used toward anything in the catalog, excluding Jockey Being Family® bear.
** Maximum six 70% off items.