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Q: I have noticed pictures in a lot of magazines where garments are being belted, like coats, sweaters and dresses. These garments do not come with a belt or belt loops. I would like to do this but I am not sure what size and type of belt I should use?

A: Here are some simple tips.
  1. Find a belt that compliments your body shape and wear it in the right position:
    • Hourglass figures need a wide to medium belt worn at the middle of the waist. A dark color works best, or match the color to the garment.
    • Pencil figures should very wide belts. Wear it at your true waist and create a slight blouson effect that will give you some soft curves.
    • Pear figures should avoid both skinny and wide belts; stay in the mid-size range. Do not contrast the color with the top of your outfit, but stick in the same color family so that it does not make you look wider and shorter.
    • Strawberry figures also want a mid-width belt. Wear it lower on your waist or at the top of your hips. You want to wear a light color belt with a dark color top. Create some drape at the bottom of your belt to add fullness to the hem of your top.
    • Apple figured should stay away from belts as they will not flatter your figure.
  2. Make sure the belt compliments the garment you are belting.
  3. Keep the rest of you accessories simple, as the belt will now be the focal point of your outfit.

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